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How we drive greater Efficiency and Agility


Self-Service API Sandbox: Explore, Innovate, and Test with Ease

Our self-service and multi-tenant API sandbox empowers Fintechs and vendors to streamline costs by experimenting and innovating using mock APIs. This intuitive environment enables rapid development and testing of new products and services without the complexities of setting up infrastructure.


Off-the-Shelf Reference Architecture: Optimize and Accelerate Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Our out-of-the-box reference architecture for Open Banking implementation enables organizations to optimize and accelerate their go-to-market strategy. The open architecture can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring cost efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.


Data Middle Layer: Seamless Integration, Minimal Disruptions

With our data middle layer acting as a connector to various data sources, the integration process becomes smoother. By isolating the impact on peripheral systems, we ensure a seamless integration experience with minimal disruptions, mitigating unwanted costs.


Consent Management: Simplified and Compliant User Consent

Our comprehensive consent management flow provides a unified view for users, banks, and Fintechs to manage user consent for Open Banking APIs. It complies with strict Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and other security regulations, ensuring data privacy, compliance, and cost efficiency.


Financial Grade Security: Safeguarding Your Data

Our solution is secured by advanced financial grade security standards such as FAPI and CIBA, built on OpenID Connect, which provide significant advantages over OAuth2.0 and mandate the use of Mutual TLS between clients and APIs, protecting against advanced attacks. Our zero-trust layered security architecture enables network segmentation, granular auditing, and authorization and can be quickly adapted to local consumer data security and open banking standards.

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