Breaking Barriers: How AI is Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Embrace Digital to Drive Affordable Healthcare


Step into the ever-evolving realm of Healthcare technology as we debunk the myth of AI in Healthcare as a distant, dystopian future. Recognizing AI's transformative potential is critical for Healthcare organizations, as it promises to redefine care delivery.

In this episode of our Healthcare TechTalk with Brillio series, our host, Avantika Sharma, and San Benerjee, VP of Product Development - Health Services, CVS Health, immerse into the groundbreaking impact of Gen AI in Healthcare, unraveling its capacity to streamline complex care and coordination and unlock pivotal opportunities.

By the episode's conclusion, you'll journey through the core transformations AI ignites in Healthcare, encompassing enhanced diagnostics and personalized treatment plans, and you'll uncover the indispensable role of Hyperscalers, propelling AI's journey and shaping its crucial processes. Moreover, we'll delve into the complex challenges Healthcare organizations grapple with when embracing AI at scale, offering a comprehensive view of the obstacles and opportunities that define AI's integration in Healthcare.

Season 1, Episode Four

Avantika Sharma

Global Healthcare Lead
at Brillio

San Banerjee

Consumer/Digital Experience,
Product Management,
Health Technology & AI

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